The Racing World Must Learn From June, 2013

The month of June in the year of 2013 has reminded racing fans of just how dangerous the sport of racing actually is, and there are
things we, both as fans, drivers, and governing members, must learn from it.

Forget Board Games, Fantasy Classic Car Buying Is The Only Game You Need

Fantasy football.  Fantasy basketball.  Fantasy baseball.  Fantasy hockey.  There’s a fantasy for just about everything you can imagine, but what about buying classic cars?  FTT teaches you the rules to the game Fantasy Classic Car Buying.  Read it and play it, this game is proper fun.  Read on to learn the rules…

The Guide to Springtime Car Spotting

It’s that time of year again.  The bitter cold temperatures that accompany Winter have passed, and we find ourselves now in that wonderful period of time in between the end of the cold fronts and the beginning of the smoldering hot weather of the summer time.  Not only are the people hanging their heavy jackets on their coat hangers, the cars are coming out of the wraps as well and are venturing on to the roads.  So where do you go to find these cars exiting hibernation?  Read on to find out…

Are car enthusiasts being diminished?

Their are increasing amounts of things entering the world that are against everything an enthusiast stands for.  Car-related media programs are diminishing, and hybrids devoid of character keep being pumped off of manufacturers production line.  What should you do to maintain that which keeps your passion for cars?  Read on for answers…



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