The New Corolla Has To Be More Than A New Corolla

Coming This FallReading the title, you are most likely trying to figure out at least three reasons of why you should care at all about the new Toyota Corolla.  But hold on.  Let me explain.

Finally, after more than fifteen years of dull, and frankly depressing styling, Toyota has listened to the groans and moans of its youthful buyers and has given their new Corolla a fresh, more stylish face.  This is definitely a good thing.  This new Corolla should turn more heads because of its sleek looks than heads turning to find the nearest trash can.

However, hopefully Toyota knows what they are getting themselves into.  With this car, Toyota dives right into the pool of competition that includes the Dodge Dart, Ford Focus, and the Honda Civic.  As silly as this may sound to you, that’s some pretty stiff competition.  While the Dodge Dart may still be climbing up the ladder, the Focus and the Civic are the equivalent to ancient Greek gods when it comes to the compact sedan market.

Don’t let this fool you though, as you may recall that the Corolla is the best selling car of all-time.  But as the market is moving forward with styling and performance, particularly with the Dart beginning to truly go mainstream, Toyota needs something to keep up.  This new Corolla should be the ideal platform for this compact sedan revolution.

Aggressive Good Looks

And frankly, the new Corolla has to be the ideal platform.  The new styling is actually remarkably close to that of the Dart’s, helping it keep up with the rest of the market and moving past the Civic in the styling department, and with 132-140 horsepower being available to the new models, the performance is right in the range of the competition.  At least on paper.  The real performance will only become available once the car is actually road tested.

There.  Rant done.  As difficult as it may be to read anything related to a Toyota this is something that deserves to be spoken about.  Not much to be giddy about, however.


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