Showoffs – Aston’s New Vantage Flexes Its Pipes

It’s no secret; not only do Aston Martins look beautiful, they sound amazing as well.  And in case there are any doubts, this new video straight from the British sports car maker’s YouTube channel should erase any lack of faith.

Aston Martin has recently reworked the ‘aston’ishing V12 Vantage and produced this: the all-new V12 Vantage S.  As is often the case with cars that have an ‘S’ badge slapped onto them, the new Aston sees an upgrade in the already insane performance.

First things first, the V12 Vantage sees a new generation of powerplants in the form of a 6.0-liter AM28 V12 engine which pumps out a tear-jerking 565 horsepower and 457 lb-ft of torque.  In brief comparison, that’s more then a Ferrari 458 Italia with its 562 prancing horses, although there is a 458 Scuderia on the way which will likely see even more power.  As a result of this new power, the Vantage S will send you rocketing toward the horizon at a top speed of 205.  So much for the British being polite.

However don’t lose all hope and assume that this is just another supercar which cannot be used on normal roads.  Aston Martin has cleverly reworked the rev range to provide a considerable more amount of torque at 1,000 rpm than the previous V12 Vantage model.  No more nerve-wracking moments while trying to keep the car at 8,000 rpm on normal back roads – the V12 Vantage S has accessible power that allows you to just pick up and go.

Obviously you are going to need to slow down at some point in time, even is you are hooning.  Fortunately for you Aston has generously fitted six-piston ventilated carbon ceramics up front and four-piston ventilated carbon ceramic brakes in the back.  What does that mean?  Well, I don’t really believe I should need to tell you what that means but in case I do, rolling end-over-end down a hillside should not be something to worry about on a nice backroad.

Enough words, however, for the Aston Martin V12 Vantage S speaks for itself.  Enjoy the video, however a slight warning before you watch the video:  if you’re wearing headphones, make sure you check your heart rate and blood pressure before you click play – there’s not much of a warning when the engine notes come in.


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