Gran Turismo 6 – Continuing the Story

I know, this blog is dedicated to cars, not video games.  Then again, this is a car video game therefore this is still relevant.  Plus, it is a new Gran Turismo game, what isn’t there to talk about?

In case you’ve had your head buried a foot deep in dirt, then you’ve probably heard that after long three years, the people over at Polyphony Digital have finally announced that there is a new Gran Turismo, and it will be propped up on store shelves in holiday 2013.  We think.  This is, mind you, Gran Turismo; nothing is guaranteed.

But what this game promises is something extraordinary.  The goal of this sixth edition of the storied video game franchise is to further that which was featured in Gran Turismo 5 and make it better.  GT5 was considered by many enthusiasts as seeming to be unfinished in certain areas, such as the Standard Cars that did not receive as much attention as the Premium Cars did.  And that’s not to mention the sound.  We’ll leave that one out for the sake of it being talked about so much, and frankly I am tired of doing so.

The Gran Turismo 6  game is to feature 1,200 cars and add seven new tracks to the game adding up to 33 racing circuits.  If you wished for anymore cars than you may have a serious issue with wanting too much stuff.  The game will also be sold on the PlayStation 3 video game console, cementing itself as likely being the last GT game to come to the PS3 platform.

The game also promises a new physics engine which includes new tire modelling, new suspension modelling and much more.  Hopefully, the sounds will be better, but as I already mentioned, we are not going to delve into that for the sake of our own sanity.

Over the next coming months, it will be interesting to start guessing and predicting what cars and tracks will be featured in the game as nothing has been made official yet.  I personally can not wait for this holiday season to arrive, a new installment of Gran Turismo always means something exciting.

And where would we be today if it were not for Gran Turismo?  I probably wouldn’t know half of what I currently know about cars if not for reading the car descriptions of new finds in the Used Car Lot and whenever I put my virtual money into a new virtual toy.  Gran Turismo has raised a generation of car enthusiasts since it first came out fifteen years ago, and it will certainly be interesting to see what there is in the next fifteen years that are to come in the future.  Cheers, Gran Turismo, happy birthday.



One thought on “Gran Turismo 6 – Continuing the Story

  1. Honestly, I’m frankly surprised that the next Gran Turismo is coming by at least the first quarter of next year, if not sooner. I just hope they make some important and meaningful changes that will make the game even more enjoyable and epic than GT5. Cars, tracks and other features can be speculated and expected to any extent, but personally if I had a choice for what to change, it would be the stupid single-file rolling starts of races that start the races after YOU cross the line in last/12th place–those only make the races passing challenges!

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