Porsche Plans on Introducing Turbocharged Flat-Four

For decades, two things have remained standard custom:  The United States is democratic and a Porsche is powered by a flat-six.  For the sake of the rest of this story, excuse the 365, 912, and 968 from the memory bank, as the numbers of those flat-four cars pail in comparison to the number of flat-six engine Porsches.

Word on the street is that the consideration has been thrown out the window and that Porsche indeed plans on producing a turbocharged lat-four cylinder engine with in this year.  It is, however, unsure when this year the engine will be unveiled, however the majority of speculation seems to point towards a September reveal at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

Engine details have not been announced as of yet, however the engine is expected to be based on the 3.8-liter flat-six used in the back of the current Carrera S generation.  Porsche’s Direct Fuel Injection (DFI) feeds the engine’s thirst, VarioCam Plus deals with the variable valve timing, and a single turbocharger blows hot air into the engine to possibly produce a whopping 350 horsepower and a heft, hefty, hefty 360 lb-ft of torque.  Those are more powerful numbers than that of the Cayman and Boxster S.  Impressive numbers, certainly, and the potent 2.5-liter engine mixed with the Boxster and Cayman as it’s hosts, the cars should be rightfully impressive.  Honestly, they won’t even need a Boxster and Cayman S if these numbers are the case.  And in case you don’t feel that you can handle the power, you can possibly expect a more entry-level of the flat-four minus the turbocharger.

I’ll be honest, I was a bit skeptical when I heard that Porsche was swapping the trusty flat-six for a more economical flat-four, but after seeing those power figures, I can’t wait to see what the result of all these ponies and torque is.  The wait may be long and agonizing, but the end result will hopefully rectify your patience.


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