The KTM X-Bow GT Keeps the Fun, Adds a Windshield

When the KTM X-Bow GT was revealed to the public at Geneva back in early March, people were skeptical.  After all, the KTM X-Bow was one of those few, special cars that decided that a windshield wasn’t necessary.  Those lucky few who were able to wrap their hands around the racing-inspired steering wheel immediately fell in love with the excitement that that small but potent 285 horsepower 4-cylinder turbo engine could provide and the connection that the steering rack’s responsiveness- and wind – brought.  So when KTM decided to place a massive, wrap-around windshield that honestly makes the cockpit look like a bath tub, in front of the driver, fans and hair-growing product companies were immediately worrisome of what would come of it.

However, now, luckily, we can get a sense of whether or not the KTM X-Bow GT can still bring immense excitement and thrill when being driven due to this video, courtesy of Magazine Motorsport’s YouTube channel.  Here, you’ll be able to watch the X-Bow GT driven to it’s limits on the technically demanding twists and turns of Italy’s mountain roads.  More than a few eyes stare the car down as it rolls through town as well.  But the dominating question is this: is the KTM X-Bow GT still exciting?  Well, watch this video to find out for yourself and if you buy one, at least you’ll be saving a few hundred dollars from buying Just For Men.


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