Washington Auto Show Special Report: Subaru and Scion

With the reemergence of the affordable sports car, one main complaint emerged.  And on a car considered flawless by the people who tested it and bought it, a complaint on something so low-priced and magnificent would seem like blasphemy.  But, nevertheless, there was something to whine about.

Journalists and BRZ/GT-86/FR-S owners consistently complained about the lack of power on the car.  And on paper, 200 horses and 151 lb-ft of torque does seem miniature in comparison with number figures on other $25,000 cars.  So one question emerged: Will we see a more powerful standard car?

Once the ponderer pondered his pondery, all eyes immediately turned to the people that made the car, Subaru and Toyota.  While Scion does have the FR-S, it was really the two Japanese manufacturers that conjured the idea for the car that we all know and love.  As far as the rumors of a BRZ STI, the Subaru spokesperson available said boldly, “There are more secrets that leak out of the White House than there are for Subaru.”  Oh well, we’ll see what happens.

Now with Subaru possibly out of the equation of a higher horsepower car, the heads turn towards Toyota to answer our prayers.  As far as Toyota is concerned, car enthusiasts and Toyobaru fans can have high hopes on a higher horsepower version GT-86 with a possibility of the car being upgraded by, none other than, Toyota Racing Development.

Before you get to eager however, keep in mind that a higher powered car would most likely be more expensive, especially depending on how much more power it’s been equipped with.  However, as far as the infamous handling that everyone know and loves, that would not be expected to change, Subaru and Scion representatives said about the popular suspension characteristics.

However, don’t exclude Subaru from your mind as there might actually be a BRZ STI in the works, but Subaru just doesn’t want us to know about it yet.  However, if you want more assurance on the rumors, pay attention to Toyota (I know it’s hard but do your best) for a possibility of a faster GT-86.  And if you want your car to have a Scion badge on it, you can probably expect Scion to follow Subaru and Toyota like they did when the GT-FR-Z initially came out.  And if you just can’t bear the wait, you might as well buy one and modify it to your standards, or trick out the one you already have.  Just don’t break it.


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