New Look, New Power, New Features: 2013 Honda Accord Review

This year, Honda decided to give its flagship car, the Honda Accord, a facelift.  It’s not difficult to notice.  There aren’t any small features that are so tiny  that you have to have a magnifying glass to notice them.  While it still looks slightly similar to the previous generation of Accords, it does receive changes such as a new look in the face of the automobile.  The gap that existed between the grill sides and the headlights has been filled by silver lining around the grill.  The headlights have also been made more aggressive.  The car, under first impression, also appears as if it has rolled up its pants legs and sits higher off of the ground.

Under the hood, the car has also received some updates.  While the engine does remain a 2.4-liter Inline 4-cylinder engine, horsepower has been raised from 177 horsepower to 185 horsepower.  Torque has been up’d 20 foot pounds from 161 lb-ft at 4300 rpm in the 2012 version, to 181 lb-ft  at 3900 rpm.  

While the power may have increased, Honda did not reject the importance of fuel efficiency.  As a matter of fact, that’s one feature that has also been improved upon from recent models.  In the 2012 version, for example, fuel mileage was recorded at 23 MPG City, and 34 MPG Highway.  In the 2013 model, however, mileage is rated at 27 MPG City, and 36 MPG Highway.  This mileage is standard for the LX CVT Sedan with the automatic transmission.  Unfortunately, if you opt for the manual coupe or manual sedan, fuel efficiency will be hurt by a few miles per gallon.  

On the inside, the Accord offers a modern-looking interior that will keep your eyes happy and provide you with plenty of space and comfort.  One feature of the interior that is especially useful is the fact that it helps you, the driver, be a more efficient pilot.  Honda’s Eco Assist is featured on this 2013 model, with interchanging white and green bars on the side of the speedometer.  Green tells you that you are being an efficient driver, and the longer the bar stays green, the more you get out of your fuel tank.  There are steering-wheel mounted controls also featured on the interior.  Nothing new, but definitely appearing to be quite dull.  The seem to resemble the controls of an XBOX 360 controller more than controls for a car.  If you have fat fingers, making your necessary changes may be, at times, difficult due to the somewhat small button sizes.  A USB audio interface that allows you to plug your MP3 into your car is also featured along with an ignition button.  The car also has the Honda Satellite-Linked Navigation with Voice Recognition, allowing you to receive traffic and road closure updates on the main screen, and has the ability to recognize street names and cities to help you find practically any place you want to go.  This is all controlled by a circular joystick that makes you feel like a super spy when searching through a map.

As far as safety is concerned, the car’s performance is exceptional.  The car has a Forward Collision Warning (FCW) system and a Lane Departure Warning (LDW) system.  These do as you would expect.  They warn you with audio and visual signals to let you know that you might possibly make collision with something in front of you, and let you know that you are drifting from your lane.  The body is constructed of Honda’s highest-grade steel that distributes force from a collision around the body structure.  It also features front and side impact airbags.

All-in-all, the 2013 Honda Accord is a great step up from the previous models.  Given the new, more modern look in comparison to the previous Accord generation, these next few Accord’s are something to look forward to.  And with the price ranging from $21,680 – $33,430, the car seems to be well-priced for all the features that it provides its owner.  The updated looks, increased power, and exciting features all add up to what can only be considered as one of the best sedans on the market.  It looks like Honda has done it again. #bigchanges  –B.C.

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